ATLAS Connect Virtual Cluster Service

A single sign-on service provides direct institutional and working group access to the US ATLAS Computing Facility, potentially using your campus network identity if your institution participates in the InCommon identity federation. A login host,, currently allows HTCondor job submission to: the US ATLAS Midwest Tier2 (MWT2), Great Lakes Tier2 (AGLT2), the Tier3 center at Fresno State University, the UChicago Research Computing Center, and the UChicago Computing Cooperative campus grid.

ATLAS Connect Cluster Service

The Remote Cluster Connect Factory (RCCF) allows a local cluster, such as a Tier3 cluster managed by HTCondor, to be logically extended to use Tier1, Tier2, campus grids, or Amazon cloud resources using HTCondor flocking mechanisms.

ATLAS Connect Storage Service

ATLAS Connect has a storage service,, for staging user job input and output datasets.

Status and Usage Terms

ATLAS Connect is currently deployed in beta mode and is offered with a best-effort operations policy. It is open only to users who agree to contribute a usage example to the ATLAS Connect Handbook..

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